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'Star Trek' ... or 'Hunks in Space'?

While he's in frequent conflict with Pine onscreen, the two grew to be close friends off camera. They'd known each other from what Pine describes as similar L.A. social circles, and Quinto's presence in the audition waiting room gave Pine the boost of confidence he needed.
"Talking with Zach, the guy that I was going to be working opposite," Pine has said, "seeing what a wonderful guy he was, I realized I was in great hands."
(Hey guys! See! Chris has got a crush! )

Zachary Quinto Reveals ‘Bromance’ With ‘Star Trek’ Co-Star Chris Pine

And like his on-screen counterpart’s relationship with Captain Kirk, Zachary admitted that he and Chris have become close off-camera as well.
“That guy’s awesome,” he said. “If you need to call it a bromance, you can.”
Lucky for him – and fans – the pair are signed on for future films, with talk of a sequel already beginning.
(So do Zach! )

Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto: The Running Men

"I wonder if bisexuality will be a theme of the new flick.."
"anyway if Chris and him are dating, it would a nice twist on the Brad/Angelina phenomenon, you know the ‘we-made-a-movie-and-we-fell-in-love’ thing."
"God, the Brangelina thing would be so cuite and romantic (what would we call them? Pinto?)...in fact, if the studio’s savvy, they'll tease us with the "are they/aren’t they?" angle to increase interest in the film. Sex sells!"

虽然我现在也觉得Zach有点asexual,但so what?该搞还是要搞!(喂)

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